“Guidelines for good practice in harm reduction of drug use”, Sofia 2008 year
Written by: Anna Lyubenova - “Initiative for Health” Foundation; Antoaneta Radeva - „Dose of Love” Association; Violeta Bogdanova - National Addiction Centre; Elena Yankova - “Initiative for Health” Foundation; Marinela Radeva - National Addiction Centre; Dr. Tsveta Raycheva - National Addiction Centre; Tsvetana Yakimova - Ministry of Health, Program “HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control” 

“Report from evaluation research of the effectiveness of the "Dose of Love" Association activity" - Burgas, 2004 year 
Written by: Cas Barendregt - IVO, Antoaneta Radeva - “Dose of Love Association”, Atanas Luizov


“Outreach work on harm reduction among injecting drug users”
, Sofia 2004 year

Written by representatives of: "Initiative for Health" Foundation, "Panacea" Foundation, "Dose of Love" Association, "Pleven 21st Century" Foundation

“Guidelines for Drop-in center work”
Written by: Antoineta Radeva - “Dose of Love” Association


”Innovative methods proven as good practices in the field of drug addiction and direct work with drug users”
Written by: Antoaneta Radeva
Proceedings of: “University education in social work in Bulgaria in the context of European standards”, Burgas /14.04 - 15.04.2006 year/

„Impact of the discrimination on the commercial sex workers’ health and social status”
Written by: Antoaneta Radeva
Proceedings of:
“Challenges and paradoxes to social work in the year of equal opportunities”, Burgas /04.05 - 05.05.2007 year/