Past programs

„HIV/AIDS and other transmissive prevention among drug users”

Time frame: 2000 – 2004 year.
Financed by: “Open Society” Foundation

„HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmissive prevention among commercial sexual workers”
Time frame: 2001 – 2004 year.
Financed by: “Open Society” Foundation

„From pilot to professional”
Goal: Adaptation of harm reduction among drug users work in Bulgaria to European standards.
Time frame: 2004 – 2005 year.
Main partner:  “Initiative for health” Foundation – Sofia town.
Financed by:  European commission

„Dragon’s kiss”

Goal: Harm reduction of drug use and populating of rave mission.
Time frame: 2004 year.
Main partner:  “Medicines du Monde” – Paris, France
Partners: „Medicines du Monde – Belgrade, Serbia; “SPICA” – Zagreb, Croatia; „LIM-PID” – Skopje, Macedonia; „EMPRONA” – Novi Sad, Serbia.

“Harm reduction among groups practicing risky behavior”
Goal: Improving Risk Network in Bulgaria, Burgas in outreach activities among groups practicing risky behavior.
Time frame: 2004 – 2006
Financed by: PSI - Romania

Organizational Development of “Dose of Love” Association
Goal: Increasing resources for self-governing and strategic planning of the “Dose of Love” Association team by program “Effectiveness and efficiency for a change”.
Time frame: 2006 year
Financed by: WCIF

“Expanding Network for Coordinated and Comprehensive Actions on HIV/AIDS Prevention among IDU and Bridging Population” 
Goal: HIV/AIDS and other infections prevention with high risky groups and bridging population in the field of the project.
Time frame: 2006 – 2009 year
“Dose of Love” Association is a cooperating partner in the project.

“Save life”
Goal: To Reduce the incidence of overdose among drug users. The project was implemented in the context of harm reduction from the drug use.
Time frame: 2008 – 2009 year.
Main partner: "Initiative for Health" Foundation- Sofia town.

“Ugly duckling”
Goal: Positive the efforts in the community of young women, commercial sex workers for a healthy lifestyle by influence the behavior and values.
Time frame: 2008 year.
Financed by: Bulgarian Fund for women

“Mental Health and HIV/AIDS”
Goal: Accent on specific relationship between HIV positive status and mental health of the individual. Professional look consider mental health as one of the possible reasons for infection with the HIV/AIDS and HIV positive status back as a precondition for the imbalance of mental health.
Time frame: 2008 year.
Main partner: Global Initiative on Psychiatry

“Effective student practices in partnership with NGOs”
Goal: Providing real practical training and qualification for students in social work in different subject areas. Development of guidelines for adequate methodologies for enhancing students' knowledge skills.
Time frame: 2009 – 2010 year.
Main partner: Burgas Free University

"Improving control of tuberculosis in Bulgaria"
Goal: Adequate risk prevention of tuberculosis among the target groups /drug and alcohol users/ and timeliness motivation for treatment.
Time frame:  2008 – 2012 year.
Financed by: The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the Ministry of Health.

"Inovative methods for HIV / AIDS and STI prevention among commercial sex workers"
Goal: To reduce HIV and STI vulnerability of sex workers offering sex services in the internet.  
Time frame:  2013 year.
Financed by: Burgas Municipality.

"Women injecting drug users and HIV/AIDS"
Goal: To reduce HIV vulnerability of women injecting drug users and empowerment to self-care.
Time frame:  2013 year.
Financed by: Burgas Municipality.

"Empowering the public health system and civil society in the fight against tuberculosis epidemic among vulnerable groups”
Goal: Prevention of IDU and the HIV-related TB epidemic through empowerment of health system and civil society and to enhance collaboration of various stakeholders in the field in order to prevent TB.
Time frame:  2011 - 2014 year.
Main partner: National Institute for Health, Tallin, Estonia.
Dose of Love Association is the project associated partner with organizations from Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia.
Financed by: Ecxecutive Agency for Health and Consumers to the European Commission

"Take care"
Goal:To reduce HIV and STI vulnerability of sex workers by empowerment them to take care for themselves and others.   
Time frame:  2014 year.
Financed by: Burgas Municipality.

"Women and HIV/AIDS"
Goal:To reduce HIV vulnerability of women injecting drug users and empowerment to self-care.
Time frame:  2014 year.
Financed by:Burgas Municipality.

"Open doors"
Goal: Social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups.  
Time frame:  2014 – 2015 year.
Financed by: NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism /2009 - 2014/