“Dose of love” Association is one of the few organizations in the town that offer services in the drug and prostitution harm reduction and the only organized structure for consulting addictions. In the practice, united with efforts of a lot of organizational partners were created good practices on the Burgas territory.
     Targeting the effective development of work directions the association implements and activities connected with training and multiplication of the practice.
     Trainings that “Dose of love” Association offers are in two directions:

Among clients:
     Goal streaming are implemented group and individual /theory and practical/ trainings for the clients from the target groups that we work with. Various in the form and the content are sessions depending from goals and clients’ needs. The offered information is in the sphere of the health prevention, harm reduction in practicing risky behavior, social and life saving questions concerns our clients.

Among professionals and partners: 
     Implemented trainings for professionals are in some levels: students, volunteers, other professionals.