Once upon a time in the distant 1999 year , in one little country, called Bulgaria, in one far away town, called Burgas, on the coast of one sea, called Black, one little organization , the idea of which was born  from ones young  people . the organization wears the beautiful  name  “Dose of Love” , because gifted love and support. The people in it believed that the love and belief are the power that safe that cure and makes us better.

   In the same time around the world winded terrible diseases. A lot of healers try to find the cure and to cope with the misfortunes that they cause. Despite of the big awards they didn‘t succeed. Some of them think out provisional cures, but anyway the diseases still existed. The evil powers winded the name drug habits and AIDS.

   And then the young people from the organization, called “Dose of Love” decided that if is not possible to be found out a cure is better to help to these that are the most touched from the diseases to make their life easier.

   One day to them appear a wise old man. He said to them: “You will succeed. You will succeed because you do good things. It will be hard, but if you work together and honestly the powers will never leave you “…

   They believed him.

   They put their goals, because without a goal the power would dissipate. They connected with the people from the countries that already did a job called “Harm reduction of the drug usage and “HIV/AIDS prevention. They became their teachers.
Gathered the young people, thinking, researched and decided to try to make in their little country to have:
“Freedom of choice for the vulnerable groups in the civil society that give equal chance for prosperity in a social, health and law aspect.”

   The young people called themselves team.

   And hardly started to work.

   They find the stricken from the disease drug users . They saw the pain, the desperation and their impasse. They didn’t frighten. Every day they were to them. They helped them. They taught them how to care for themselves, send them to different healers that could help them as far as they could, they taught them how to protect themselves not to catch and other diseases. The team gets popular in their small town. The ill from drug habits trusted them. Around 500 ill, around 5000 times searched for them every year. On the third year the team decided to that it will be nice if the ill have where to gather. They found a house, put in order small room, but cozy, to have a space for the people to get rest and communicate.
They called the house “The Center”…

   Through this time the disease AIDS started to spread little by little in their small country. The disease was cozy, because came together with the pleasure of the love. Many people didn’t think of it, loving the beloved person…The team gets scared “What about if these people get ill?” And started to search for those that were most in danger  the sellers of love and the men that love  men. They found them out and taught them how to protect themselves from the disease. Every day the team cared for them. And the people again believed in them. They searched them around 250 girls of the love, around 3000 times every year, around 150 men, that love men, around 1000 times per every yeah…

   Already the team couldn’t reach to everybody that needs. They gather and decided “They will buy barouche, to can faster go through the town”. The barouche was big and comfortable. In it went different healers, to can and them to reach to the ill people, to talk with them and to examine them.

   The time passes out. The small organization, called “Dose of love” step by step grows up. In the team, from schools and universities came other young people that believed in legend and wanted to teach…

   The healers from the small country, from the small town also wanted to work with the organization, called “Dose of love”. They gathered in a big halls, talked with themselves who what and how did, send themselves news every Sunday.

   Gradually the followers became more and more: National Drug Habits Center, Capital Center by the drug habits, Burgas Municipality, Center for Psychiatry Health Burgas, RIMKSH Burgas, Burgas prison, Informational center for the drug habits prevention, Burgas Free University and any other small and big organizations. Every of them helped in with what can and the work went easier and freer. The team makes the people to believe and in the pure power and already didn’t feel alone. With the glory came and the support.

   In some far away countries and in our small country there was, there were people that heard for the young people. They couldn’t work this work , but could help as they give to the team some by some golden money to can care better for the ill people.
To can words of the young people to reach so far, so to stop the terrible disease to strike down around the small and big towns of the small country. The golden money was given from: “Open Society” Institute, Cooperate Netherlands Foundations, European Commission, PSI, The Health Ministry and others. With the help of all the followers , friends and donators, “Dose of love” Association had work harder and harder…

   Seven years past.

   The team still was working so hard. It has some difficulties. Had some successes. Then congratulate them. It gives a receptions, feasts and parties with guests from near and far away…

   The work became more and more. Every year the team talked with almost 900 people, see them around 9000 times, around 500 of them tests for different diseases, to these that can read gave books, and to the others that couldn’t tell them how to protect themselves. To help more the team talked with these that needed, research, tests and transmitted the learned on the followers by the time of the meetings in the big halls…

   The news travels fast.

   The people became in the small country to invite the team to learn and other people how to help, how to work, how to care. More and more people invited the team to be part of their teams:

“ANTIAIDS Coalition”
“Central and Eastern European Harm Reduction Network”
“AIDS Action Europe”
“Local Municipality Committee for HIV/AIDS prevention in Burgas”
“Local Municipality Committee by the drug habits problems in Burgas”
“Civil Committee by the drug habits problems in Burgas”
   The time has past…Today, the young people are not so young. They collect some wisdom. They retell it and to other young people. The done they gift to the people, and they continue to learn in our small and other far away countries. They continue to help, to care and to believe. The power didn’t leave them, because someone needs them…